Founder Opportunities with Oxygen Ventures

- June 19, 2013 2 MIN READ

Oxygen Ventures, the hands-on Australian Venture Capital firm, is offering potential founders the unique opportunity to apply for a job at the helm of their own digital startup. Funding innovative digital businesses, Oxygen Ventures is the investment vehicle of Larry Kestelman, former owner of Dodo Australia and eminent entrepreneur.

Unlike traditional VCs, Oxygen Ventures supports business ideas from the point of conception onwards. Founders with disruptive digital business ideas are encouraged to apply, and the only qualifying criteria are experience, determination and a great idea; business plans and successful enterprises will be built from the ground up later.

Full ownership

There’s no need for a Dragon’s Den-style pitch. Potential founders just need a great idea and industry experience to be considered. The more disruptive the concept the better, with Oxygen Ventures’ investment portfolio reflecting an enthusiasm for the original over the traditional and the brave over the conservative. If an idea isn’t the perfect fit, complete confidentiality means ideas remain in the ownership of the originator.

Successful applicants will work as their own boss as the Founder of an enterprise, with key decisions including team selection, marketing strategies and business direction firmly in their own hands. Managing a ready-made and capable staff team and with the expert support of Oxygen Ventures, Founders will see their idea become a successfully trading business.

A hands-on approach

Oxygen Ventures is different because of the hands-on approach it provides. Their team consists of successful business owners and entrepreneurial individuals, with diverse experience and expertise forming the backbone of the company and benefiting those it funds. From digital development to people management, design, testing, quality assurance and marketing – Oxygen Ventures provides comprehensive backing throughout the life cycle of the business.

How to apply

Experienced individuals with a disruptive, problem-solving idea can apply directly through the Oxygen Ventures website or through Seek (http://www.seek.com.au/job/24693621) Applications are continually open as the Oxygen Ventures team is always ready to hear new ideas.

image by Looking Glass