Fishtank the newest addition to Sydney’s Startup scene

- June 21, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Fishtank, the new “intimate” coworking space opened it’s doors for the first time today. The space measuring three square meters will hold two startup founders sitting upright on chairs using free laptop table cushions that were gifted to the founders by a venture capitalist who bought some in bulk at Ikea.

Intimate events will be a major part of the new space with the area able to accommodate five slender people standing up or three slender people and one slightly larger person. The team behind the space commissioned a study from Germany’s Ich Verstehe Nicht University to discover what types of surroundings helped drive successful businesses, the results overwhelmingly revealed that string instruments playing in the background helped startup founders increase productivity by 23% when listened to whilst coding. This is why Fishtank will be the first coworking space to permanently employ a harp player to provide a range of eclectic instrumental covers of the latest hits throughout the working day.