Working on Purpose [Event]

- May 2, 2013 2 MIN READ

Have you ever thought of the purpose behind why you work?

Going through the rollercoaster called life with a blurred purpose, misguided goals or a lack of understanding about your inner ambition is a trap too easy to fall into these days. How does one really explore one’s purpose?

Come and hear from experienced speakers who share their heartfelt opinions on what work really means, and how they define purpose in work.\

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Justin Cooper – Founder, YourAuthenticBusiness.com and The Brand FactoryAfter 25 years’ in Marketing, Justin has come to the realization that brands with a powerful, authentic story stand the test of time, and that the most successful brands are founded on a clear purpose. Justin looks at why and how authenticity is an essential part of a successful business in the 21st century, and how defining your purpose is a key part of this process.
Julian Noel – Founder, Shine
Julian believes the purpose of life is to shine, to inspire and be inspired, to connect and collaborate and courageously transform the world. A noble purpose lies within every entrepreneur, and when this purpose is illuminated and expressed, many people are enabled to shine. It takes great courage to live a life of purpose, and shine.
Terese Mudgway – Founder, Mudgway Kinesiology and Coaching

With over 15 years in marketing and communications followed by 13 years as a Kinesiologist and life/business coach, Terese’s experiences will show ask provoking questions on what is the real reason for work, and if you understand that, then how can one truly have purpose? Does it have to be something significant?  So many people spend most of their lives ‘surviving’ life and living from their head.  We live in a world where knowledge is so revered and that exploring our own individual ‘soul’ truth and how that fits in the world is thought of as flakey. Does it have to be something significant?  Why do we sell out?  Giving up the judgements of what it should be and trusting the journey and where you are in it right now. Letting go and following the path of least resistance.

 Colin Laird – Director, Aliven

Aliven is a cutting edge workplace development company focused on personal and business transformation.  Inspired in 2000, from an observation that within the workplace and through contact with customers ‘the present moment’ seemed to be treated as a means to an end rather than something much more extraordinary.  Aliven provides innovative and inspiring workshops to assist organisations unlock the potential of the individual and business as a whole thereby creating new momentum and purpose.  Colin has discovered that ‘purpose’ is not a static thing, rather an ongoing and unfolding sense of fulfilment that never ends.