WeTeachMe Pivot & are accepted into 500Startups & Techstars

- May 24, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

WeTeachMe have just come back from a whirlwind US Tour that has seen them accepted into the prestigious 500Startups and Techstars programs. The startup which has pivoted from their model in 2012 of running micro presentation events, have built a scalable and global solution that allow teachers and trainers to schedule and sell their courses.

“For course providers, we help grow revenue, save time and reduce costs by automating the entire admin and booking process. For people looking for interesting courses, we make it really easy to find and book courses. We’re passionate about knowledge and can’t wait to do our part in making the world more knowledge-rich” says cofounder Kym Huynh.

At the moment the team is putting a lot of time and effort into developing the backend to make it easier for people to teach and learn things, this includes being able to post courses and learning experiences onto individual websites, embed and process payments and much more.

Keep an eye on these guys over the next 6 months, they are about to scale VERY fast.