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The new mobile workforce and peak performance

- May 30, 2013 2 MIN READ

According to recent reports from BND 71 per cent of small businesses have become more mobile in the last year. From your perspective as a business owner there are a number of good reasons to think about having a leaner and more mobile workforce in your company. Let’s take a look at the new mobile workforce and how it actually helps you grow your business.

Reduce Overheads

A more mobile workforce helps to reduce overheads, many small businesses are increasing their reach by being available in more locations, but only maintaining one office in a central location. It also means businesses are spending less money on IT requirements. Many small businesses are opting to purchase laptops more mobile PCs such asor Intel® powered Uultrabooks™ for their mobile workers and having their entire internal system available in the cloud for access anywhere at any time.

Constantly Connected

The old fear that having workers complete their responsibilities from home is a huge risk for small business owners is no longer as relevant with today’s technology. With your own tablet or Uultrabook device an employer can stay in contact with their team members throughout the day, via real time chat and online video conferencing software. Cloud based CRM’s are a must for any business with mobile workers as it allows you to monitor sales pipelines and deals being completed.

Enhanced Engagement

A more engaged workforce means your business is operating at optimum power, as you move to awarding outcomes rather than time spent at their desk. As long as your business has strong guidelines in place and clear KPI’s for staff, you will find that mobile staff will have a deeper engagement in what it is they are meant to be delivering for the company. Align your commission and bonus structures around your expectations of what you expect mobile staff to be delivering to you.

Mobility in business is the way of the future, small businesses need to start thinking about what roles in their business fit where. Space, IT equipment and Maintenance all require money, what would cutting some of these costs and having mobile workers on the cloud look like in your company?

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