StratPad Strategic Workshop for Startups

- May 6, 2013 4 MIN READ


This two-day workshop will change your experience. It is designed for owners and managers of startups and small, growth-oriented companies. It will help you:

  • learn strategy and management fundamentals that make a succesful business
  • understand how these fundamentals apply to your company
  • create a business plan that helps you share your goals with bankers, investors and your team
Note: This workshop will be personally facilitated by Alex Glassey, the founder of StratPad, the highest-rated strategy and business planning software in the world.


Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to re-energize their business planning process. If you’re a startup or small business seeking to grow, this workshop is for you.

You’ll learn:

• How to think critically about your business
• How to quickly assess new ideas
• How to create a strategic business plan
• How to manage your plan to completion
• How bankers and investors view your venture

You’ll have:

• Greater clarity and focus about your business
• A good start to your strategic business plan
• All the tools you need to finish your plan
• The option to work one-on-one with a local Master Certified business coach after the workshop to ensure your plans are finalized and then realized


Entrepreneurs start out with a great idea, the passion to drive it forward, and deep knowledge and skills in their particular sector. To bring their idea to life they usually need resources—bankers, investors, and partners to support the venture. And that means writing a business plan.

Here’s where many entrepreneurs get stuck. Overwhelmed, frustrated, and mind numbingly bored. Bogged down in details and projections about what might happen for their business in three or five years. “Planning” becomes an exercise in speculation, rather than a strategy for how you will deliver something that people will want.

In this two-day, interactive workshop, you’ll learn to do your business plan differently. You’ll learn how to think critically and strategically about your business. From your best thinking, you’ll create a compelling story that tells people who you are, what makes your business unique, why customers love you, how you’ll fend off competitors, and how you’ll succeed. It’s a plan that communicates the passion, creativity and energy you bring to your business. You’ll enjoy writing it, you’ll inspire your team and you’ll impress investors and partners.


First Day
• The Entrepreneur: A Definition, Strengths and Challenges
• An Introduction to Business Strategy
• The Competitive Landscape: Don’t Compete
• Strategic Business Planning, Step by Step
• How to Execute and Monitor Your Plan for Success
• Rapidly Adapt Your Business Model

Second Day
• Personal Inventory
• The Art and Science of Pricing
• Traditional vs. Strategic Business Plans
• Cash Flow Statements: Bridging Income Statement and Balance Sheet
• Telling Your Story: 10 Slides in 10 Minutes
• Your Role as Leader
• Who Gives Money to SMBs and Why


2 classroom days with live instructor – and a little bit of homework… 🙂 Strictly limited to 20 participants.


Alex Glassey, based in Victoria, Canada, is a former “big-five” consultant turned serial entrepreneur who also teaches strategy and business planning at the university level.

Recognizing the lack of appropriate tools for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Alex created StratPad, an iPad and browser-based app that teaches SMBs how to think, plan and manage their business. StratPad has become the highest-rated strategy and business planning app in the world, is used in 120 countries, and has been featured by Entrepreneur Magazine and Fortune.

Alex’s deep experience and dynamic approach create a rich, entertaining learning experience.


What an incredible course and experience! The program was clear, precise, informative and very inspiring. Alex Glassey surpassed my expectations…he instinctively knew how to bring out the best in everyone in the group. Alex’s vast knowledge and experience will help anyone looking to make improvements with their existing business or begin a new venture.”
– Debbie Burkhart, SignArt Studios

“I can’t believe how much useful information Alex managed to cram into his meaty, entertaining workshop. Each principle of entrepreneurship was systematically explored and clearly explained with wit and encouragement. Every participant I talked to afterwards agreed that it was one of the most worthwhile courses we’d ever taken. Life changing and highly recommended!
– Joyce KlineVisual Artist/ConsultantVictoria BC

Your workshop reinvigorated my love for my business of five years. I was stuck and stale when I began considering your business strategy questions. I have refocused my energies and now have a concrete series of goals in writing with dates next to them.”
– Carey Matthews, Savannah Cattery

“This workshop, along with StratPad, gave me the ability to fully evaluate my business idea, determine its projected viability and act on my best strategic course of action.”
– Jennifer Cottyn, Jewelry Designer

I am so inspired and full of new ideas–can’t believe what this has done for my creative thoughts! Wish all my instructors had Alex’s knowledge, exuberant delivery and style.”
– Alison Longacre

Other Comments

  • “Fabulous – gets one really thinking.”
  • “Appreciated instructor using my personal business circumstances as an example to explain concepts – made it easier for me to understand and to use in future.”
  • “This course was the most valuable for me.”
  • “Alex was a dynamic, engaging instructor who brought his real life expertise and enthusiasm to the classroom.”
  • “Great job.”
  • “Very enjoyable and informative.”
  • “Alex was compelling and passionate about delivering his course. It was wonderful.”
  • “Fantastic program, very comprehensive, clear concise instructor was extremely knowledgeable, engaging, entertaining and inspiring – A+”
  • “Loved Alex – excellent, passionate, simplify the process, encouraged success – A++”
  • “Alex is fantastic and truly values entrepreneurs.”

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