Q&A Kahne Raja from Musomap

- May 13, 2013 2 MIN READ

Kahne Raja lives and breathes music, so, he had the idea one day to bring the musicians of the world together through the internet. We talk to him about MusomapWorld Musician Day and Google.

What is Musomap?

Musomap is The Global Map for Musicians. It helps musicians find a teacher, start a group, promote their music, share a gig and trade gear locally.
How does it work?
Musicians from around the world are invited to plot themselves on this epic sound-scape. From there they can post messages (similar to twitter) and the map will broadcast it to other musicians nearby.

How did Musomap start?
Earlier this year I was asked to put together an orchestra in my area. I sent out a message to my colleagues and what I got back was a jumbled mess.
In an afternoon, I embedded Google Maps on a page and provided a simple plot yourself feature. Within a week it had gathered 115 musicians.

What is the ultimate goal for Musomap?
This platform is all about promoting a more local, communal, progressive music industry. My first goal with Musomap is to connect hobbyist, amateur and professional musicians around the world.

What do you do outside of Musomap?
I perform as a professional violinist in a number of orchestras across Sydney during the evening. I work as a software developer at the Australian Copyright Agency during the day.

Tell me about the Google event that you were invited to.
The Google Outreach team put on a ‘Geo for Good Down Under’ 3 day event where they invited 50 socially progressive developers to explore how they can better utilise Geo positioning.
It was a lot of fun to sit with the development team behind Google Maps and talk about how their API could be leveraged to help musicians around the world.

How can Digital Sydney readers become involved in your World Musician Day event on the 6th of April this year?
Well, to start with – World Musician Day is the celebration of our local musicians. It’s a day for neighbouring musicians to get together and perform in everyday unexpected places.
With the support of the City of Sydney we are organising a launch event. To get involved simply plot yourself and share this exciting opportunity with fellow musicians.
If you’re not a musician, don’t despair. This event is a family friend picnic style event for all of us! Find out more about how you can pledge your support .

Lastly, what kind of advice would you give to someone who is wanting to start their own interactive website?
Try to focus on something you’re passionate about. Pursue a vision that you believe will remain important in 50 to 100 years from now. That should give you the drive to keep on plugging away.
I’d ask – What are your two diverging interests? How can they be combined in a new social media mashup?