How an Entrepreneur’s Brains Affect How Successful Their Business Is

- May 13, 2013 2 MIN READ

What makes a successful person different from an unsuccessful one?

Certainly, many successful people have used different techniques to become successful. If you look at Tony Hsieh of Zappos and Richard Branson of Virgin, there are characteristics that are quite different. There are a few important characteristics in the brains of these successful individuals that you may want to explore for yourself.

If you are in tune to how your brain works, you may be able to make wiser decisions when it comes to business. The authors of the new book, Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck, and business experts Tony Tjan, Tsun-yan Hsieh interviewed over 500 business leaders that varied between experienced CEO’s of very successful companies to young new entrepreneurs just getting started. They found four areas that were significant in their successes.

Successful businessmen like Howard Shultz of the Starbucks Corporation were found to be extremely dedicated to seeing their passion through. They are the visionaries that let their passions lead them to excellence. They do not always rely on researched-based decision making, and they are not always rational when making choices, but their passionate commitment to their goal is what set them apart from others.

A businessman, who is dominated by their smarts, much like successful billionaire investor Warren Buffet, will commonly make decisive, rational and well thought through decisions. This type of entrepreneur will set goals that are fact based and expect people to be accountable for their responsibilities.

Many successful businessmen are risk takers such as Richard Branson of Virgin Records. They are able to deal with the burden of heavy consequences of their business decisions. They can tolerate the consequences of their risks, which can make them better equipped to deal with such decisions.

Some entrepreneurs have a mind for creating better chances of good luck Business men like Tony Hsieh of Zappos surrounds themselves with people who can create positive successes from his decisions. This type of businessman connects themselves with people that are positive and have an optimistic point of view. These people often create their own opportunities by just being available to them when they pass by.


You can learn about each type of entrepreneurial brain by reading the book Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck, and determine what your brain type is.