Fishburners to host top coding contest: Codehire Cup

- May 30, 2013 2 MIN READ

Australian tech co-working space Fishburners is the apt location for the Codehire Cup, launched last year in Adelaide and now taking the national and international stage.

Fishburners has attracted dozens of innovative startups, all on the lookout for top technical talent.

Codehire CEO Daniel Draper says the aim is to develop a coding community that is competitive internationally and thus boost Australia’s digital economy.

“Excellent coders are sought-after,” Draper says. “Even by taking part in the Codehire Cup, you are likely to already be one of that elite group and the opportunities will come knocking. It’s come as quite a surprise to me but we have become the yard stick for evaluating Australia’s depth of technical talent.”

Draper kicked off the coding competition last year to bring Adelaide’s fragmented coder community together but since the success of last year’s event, the Cup has grown to be Australia’s biggest event for professional and student programmers, all seeking to be crowned the country’s top coder.

“Coders’ talents are rarely recognised by the wider community and I wanted to change this,” Draper said.

“Our first event was a success because it strayed away from the conventional hackathons, which pits coding teams against one another and are judged on what they build.

“Instead we aimed for an individual event that assesses entrants on their solutions to workplace based challenges.

“Hackathons are great for the tech startup community for building products and services, but their contestants are rarely assessed on how they build them or with what language.” 

The Codehire Cup will group contestants based on the language with which they create their solution, making the competition more of a level playing field.

“Coding languages aren’t created equal and some solutions will take longer to write in certain languages,” Draper said. “Ranking coders by language means all contestants have a better chance of taking home a share of $10,000 in cash and prizes.”

The competition itself starts with preliminary and semifinal rounds being held online from Saturday the 8th of June. 

“This is a great option as your location won’t hold you back from having a go,” Draper said.

Those contestants that perform well during the online rounds will be invited to participate in the live finale on July 13 in Sydney at Fishburners, Australia’s largest tech focused co-working space. 

Fishburners Community Manager Megan Donnelley said the space, which is sponsored by Optus, was ideal for a bunch of innovators to gather.

“Fishburners welcomes events that challenge coders and entrepreneurs to create and problem solve in a fun and innovative environment. Codehire provides the opportunity for talented coders to test their abilities, explore new ideas and meet other potential co-founders. This all helps to strengthen the tech startup sector. Donnelley said.

Even if you make the live finale but can’t attend in person, there will be the opportunity to compete remotely.

If you want to test your skills against Australia’s coding community you’ll need to register at http://Codehire.com/cup before midnight on the 7th of June, 2013.

Think you’ve got what it takes? It’s time to put your code where your keyboard is.