Financial Planning for Startups [event]

- May 16, 2013 2 MIN READ

Do you have a great idea for a business or social venture? Not sure where to start?

You have a brilliant idea and you want to start a business. That’s great! But starting a business could be quite complicated and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. The basic question is, do you have all the resources you need to start?

This workshop will breakdown the financial planning for new business and give you the tool to forecast your cash-flow better. By doing the financial projections, you should be in better know of whether your business is progressing on track, or whether you’re spending more money than you have planned. Keeping track of your cash-flow would make sure you have the resources you need to start, and stay in business before it turns profitable. You will also be in a better position to raise funding, and value your business should you one day need to do so.

Key questions to answer in this workshop:

  • How do I think about the financials of my business before I start?
  • How much money do I actually need to start?
  • How do I know whether my business is on track of reaching my goal?


By the end of the workshop you will learn:

  • How to forecast sales and expenses of your business
  • How to plan and manage the cash-flow
  • How to calculate the funding needed for your business
  • How to make business decisions using your financial model

About The Facilitator

Faye is in the process of creating a new venture at the cross of technology, retail and marketing. Faye has accumulated over 6 years of experience working in tech and marketing. She holds a MBA degree from UCLA Anderson School of Management, where she focused on entrepreneurship and marketing. She has helped several startups to draft their business plans , and has worked in two startups previously. Originally from China, Faye has spent time living and working in Shanghai, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sydney.

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