Canberra adds a Co-working space to their growing startup scene

- May 23, 2013 2 MIN READ

Canberra’s entrepreneurial community will soon be sharing synergies and collaborating with hackers, makers, coders and designers at a new co-working space in the city. Named after the winning entry in the 1917 competition to design Canberra, Entry 29 has struck a chord with Canberra’s start-ups as they ditch their home office for a chance to work with other entrepreneurs.

Entry 29 was born of the collective efforts of some of the key start-up enablers in Canberra’s innovation ecosystem – Anna Pino, CEO of Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre; Mick Cardew-Hall from ANU Connect Ventures; Capital Angels Chairman Nick McNaughton and local tech-entrepreneur, Rory Ford.“Canberra has an environment where proven entrepreneurial talent and commercial customers are in abundance, yet there hasn’t been a place for them all to connect until now. I hope Entry 29 will go some way to fixing that,” said Peter Davison of PayPal fame and founder of Fishburners.

Entry 29 is located in the heart of Canberra in Childers Street next to The Street Theatre. The building has been provided for a peppercorn rent by the ANU. “We saw Entry 29 as a way of focussing entrepreneurial activity in one, central location and supporting a great initiative,” said Professor Mick Cardew-Hall.”This is something the Canberra start-up community has shown it is ready to embrace,” said Rory Ford, Chairman Entry 29, “the whole community has come together offering time, facilities, expertise and energy to make this idea a reality”.

“There was a general feeling that Entry 29 should not be owned by any one entity, so an interim board was established to set up the venue and processes with the aim of handing over to the community who would provide ongoing management,” said Anna Pino, CEO Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre. Entry 29 is officially being opened by Deputy Chief Minister Andrew Barr on Wednesday 22nd May. Soon to be Entry 29 tenant, Craig Thomler, said the thing he was most looking forward to was the opportunity to be part of a vibrant start-up community with other people who shared his enthusiasm for creating innovative solutions to society’s problems.

Memberships range from monthly unlimited use to single day passes which provide the flexibility to use Entry 29 how and when they want to.