A million dollars through blogging [event]

- May 14, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

If you’re building a business, we know it can be as tough as it is rewarding. What’s more, if you’re working from home or cafes it can be isolating too.

That’s why we want to bring you together with other business owners and tech startups from the North Shore.

The Special Guest:

Yaro Starak has never had a full time job. He travels around the world running his own business, and eats a lot of ice cream.

….he also managed to make a million dollars through blogging.

Normally based in Brisbane, he is currently visiting Sydney, so come along on Wednesday the 15th, 6pm-8pm say hello and ask him anything you’ve ever been curious to know about blogs. Or ice cream.

The Venue:

Slightly hidden, The Foxtrot is an awesome spot at 28 Falcon Street in Crows Nest. They serve great cocktails and a variety of eclectic food too.

Simply push through the white front door, go in up the stairs, grab a drink at the bar and then go through to the lounge area at the back. That’s where you’ll find us!

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