Usability Testing Night a hit at WeCo!

- April 10, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

I learnt a couple of things last night. The first was that there is an awesome street in Edgecliff near the WeCo Coworking space that has free parking [fist pump] and the second was that there is a group called “Sydney Testers” that meet up monthly and discuss “testing” things. Which in a geek way is pretty bloody awesome.

The first Usability Fix event ever held at WeCo happened last night, it was a chance where startups and testers could get together and go for a test drive, give constructive criticism on the products and the founders then could take away those learnings and apply them to their business. This was my first ever event that focused around this type of interaction and I must say that listening to various people criticise your baby for 90 minutes would have to be pretty tough and from what I could see – they all handled it brilliantly.

Founder of WeCo, Joel Hauer said that it is his intention to start holding the event monthly as the community starts to grow, and that it represents a chance for startups to have access to a good mix of professional and non professional testers to give them constructive feedback on their products and services.

The night was sponsored by ELance who also put on beers and pizza for the networking throughout the night. Feedback from attendee’s was positive overall with everyone commenting that they were looking forward to seeing the event evolve over the coming months and were excited about the structure and process that would naturally develop as the nights get bigger and better.