Two brothers making millions with the Midas touch.

- April 11, 2013 2 MIN READ

Anyone who has enjoyed the Cider boom in Australia will be aware of Rekorderlig Cider, the premium Swedish boutique Cider brand, which arrived in Australia two years ago and has dramatically grown to become the largest selling Cider brand in Australia. Kieron Barton and Christian Barton introduced the Swedish Cider to Australia and are the brains behind Rekorderlig’s phenomenal growth, as well as its grand plans for the future. The UK brothers, who founded Chilli Marketing, operate primarily from Australia, developing their dynamic lifestyle company and making a huge impact across the globe.

Kieron and Christian Barton created Chilli Marketing in the UK and moved from Manchester to Sydney in 2007 to launch their company and Rekorderlig Cider. ‘We’ve worked hard over several years developing premium international brands. It is exciting to see a loyal customer following and a strong repeat in sales in the UK and now in Australia too.’

The successful boutique marketing company focuses on lifestyle and consumer products. ‘One of our ‘hero’ brands, Rekorderlig Cider, has achieved incredible success in Europe and Australia, and we believe it has the potential to be a world class brand. We have exciting plans for 2013’ said Kieron.

Chilli Marketing looks for new trends and develops brands to become the market leader, which is evidently shown with their introduction of Rekorderlig Cider to the Australian market. After two years, Rekorderlig Cider not only holds a 16% share of the packaged cider category, but six out of the top highest growth cider packages are Rekorderlig Cider. To help drive Rekorderlig’s success and commence distribution worldwide, both Kieron and Christian Barton are building Rekorderlig’s brand profile internationally. It is now the number one selling cider brand in Australia.

With ideas to expand on the success of the business, Chilli Marketing has launched a new venture for 2013 – The Card Shop. The premium retail outlet in Warringah Mall is a vertically integrated business designing, printing and selling greeting cards and merchandise. This new project shows the creative side to Chilli Marketing, with all quality products designed in-house. With plans to expand the stores and develop online sales, the growth and projections for this year will at least double their turnover whilst maintaining margin, if not improving.

The various awards recently won by Kieron and Christian’s company, Chilli Marketing, are a testament to their instinctive decisions, expertise and their ability to seek out new opportunities in an already established marketplace. Chilli Marketing won the Gold Award for Investors in People 2011, Most Entrepreneurial Company in 2009 and 2011, and the International Trade Award at the EN Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2011. In Australia, Rekorderlig Cider won Best Cider at the 2012 Australian Liquor Industry Awards, a testament to the quick success of the brand winning the award above seven key international and national brands in the cider category.

Kieron and Christian Barton are two entrepreneurial brothers who are young, energetic and savvy. The duo has the Midas touch when it comes to vision and trends. Their multi million dollar company, Chilli Marketing, now employs a team of over 50 dedicated sales and marketing representatives. As they continue to expand and market their premium product range nationally and into the USA, South Africa and New Zealand, we look forward to seeing more of their brilliant ideas as they continue to rise as one of the top brand building companies worldwide.