The new Aussie invention insuring you never go flat at the club again!

- April 24, 2013 2 MIN READ

With the current ‘on the go’ lifestyle that we all seem to be adopting, short battery life on our phones is becoming the bane of everyday life. However, there’s a new system of keeping your technological lifelines up and running where ever you are.

The DISCGO Charger is a new innovation, providing a truly mobile mobile charger device, delivering connectivity, convenience and a continuation of service. It’s a charging system that’s designed for cafes, restaurants, venues and bars, allowing patrons to move within the venue while giving their phone a much needed charge.

The DISCGO Charger has the same charge rate as plugging a phone into a wall socket and can charge two phones at one time. The DISCGO Charger is compatible with all models of phones, with a variety of different cables to suit the up to the minute smart phones and the old school non smart phones.

Currently installed in some of Sydney’s premier and most recognized pubs and venues, the DISCGO Charger will be expanding to Melbourne soon, along with an app that will provide users with all DISCGO Charging locations.

“Everyone needs to keep interactive these days,” says Managing Director, Sean Brandtman. “We are all looking for ways of charging our mobile phones whilst on the move. So no need to carry that charger around with you, we have the solution”

According to publicans around the city, customers start to move on as their phone battery power starts to deplete. Pubs have been forced to find a way to keep the customer in their bar for longer.

Kate Dean, Manager at the Lord Dudley in Woollahra, said that it was imperative to offer their customers the chance to keep in touch. “It first came around when a few of the wives were a little bit mad at their hubbies for not calling or coming home due to flat batteries,” she laughed. “Sorry boys, there are no excuses now.”

DISCGO Chargers are the solution to keeping you in the game, keeping your mobile charged up and allowing you to keep communicating with your friends and family.