Pozible launch new Private Campaigns. Is first to market.

- April 9, 2013 2 MIN READ

In a move very different to all their crowd funding competitors, Australian based Pozible has hit the market first rolling out it’s private campaigns product across the business. Private crowdfunding allows you to run a crowdfunding campaign, but have total control of the audience you want to share the project with.

This might sound a bit backwards – after all, crowdfunding works by attracting a crowd – but it can be useful in certain situations. Think of a private Pozible campaign as crowdfunding on a more personal scale, to a smaller crowd you know really well, all of whom are SURE to kick in ‘X’ amount.

If your target is low and you know it can be reached with a small number of supporters, limiting the ‘crowd’ can work to your advantage emphasise the ‘exclusivity’ of a certain goal or reward.

Some of the suggestions by the company on the circumstances that a user may choose to run a private campaign for would include.

A private event, club function or party – even a WEDDING. You want total control over who will be in attendance, and don’t want to offer access to the general public as a reward. Even if you don’t need to fund a wedding reception itself, use a Pozible private campaign as a virtual registry for the ultimate honeymoon.

Medical or other personal expenses. Maybe you don’t want the whole world to know you need a little help with something, but still need to reach out for assistance? With a Private campaign, you can broach a sensitive issue away from the eyes of people you don’t know.

A special project or item that might cost a bit much for one person is easier when you can get every one to ‘throw a bit in’ – but you need to make sure the lucky recipient doesn’t find out about it… A great way to raise the funds while making sure your pal is genuinely astonished and
delighted on the big day.

Since starting just three years ago, Pozible has been used to raise $9.5 million for projects and ideas around the world.