Meet Startup, Little White Book.

- April 30, 2013 2 MIN READ

This clever creation by Sydney entrepreneurs Peter Neill and Luke McKelvey aims to rid us of the traditional business card as we know it. Little White Book allows users to create and share sexy  and simple contact cards right from their phone. Ideal for freelancers, full-timers or people with a sideline passion,  Little White Book allows it’s customers to tailor cards to represent the different parts of their life. The app saves any new contacts to both the app and the users iPhone, so they’ll have everyone’s details wherever they go. Little White Book is currently available for iPhone.

“Little White Book was born because we felt that paper business cards had become hugely outdated” says Neill and McKelvey. “With all the amazing things the Internet and smartphones make possible, there had to be a better way than just handing over a card with a name and number on it. While business card readers have helped modernise things, they still rely on old paper cards with all their limitations. Little White Book is our solution. A simple, striking and more effective way to present yourself and keep track of all the different people you meet in business or socially”.

Features of the app include:

  •  Two simple ways to make great looking cards;  use the apps easy template or design your own and upload it
  • Create as many new cards as you need, without any design or printing costs
  •  The dynamic cards are loaded with information of your choosing, so share as much or as little as you want
  •  With the mapview you’ll always remember where and when you met someone
  • Make a lasting first impression by linking straight to a website, proposal or portfolio
  • Share Little White Book contact cards even with people that don’t have the app
  • The digital cards require no paper, win for the environment!
For someone like me that always forgets and actually hates carrying my business cards around, I love that I can actually share all my contact details on the spot by bumping iphones or sending a quick message with my card in it via email, facebook or twitter. I also like that I don’t have to collect cards from people and can keep all the information in the one place I actually remember where I put things – my smartphone.
Here is one I created last night – Simple and Easy. For the more creative folks, you can import your own designs as well. I LOVE this startup and hope everyone starts using it!