Get Viable attracts over 400 entrepreneurs in first 20 days since launch.

- April 26, 2013 2 MIN READ

GetViable today announced that more than 400 entrepreneurs from 13 countries have signed up on their entrepreneurship social collaboration platform in the first 20 days of launch. Designed to address the low success rates of early stage startups, the pioneer group of 150 high-potential innovation ideas will be collaboratively nurtured by a team of expert advisors, and given access to the resources they need to get started.

GetViable was conceived as a resource platform for entrepreneurs who are just starting to develop their ideas and require the knowledge, tools, and expert mentoring to advance into a viable startup. By addressing the high barriers of entry to obtain resources from the traditional business accelerators and incubators, GetViable aims to support and encourage budding entrepreneurs to act on their ideas, and improve the success rates of these early stage startups.

The company is founded and led by a senior management team with considerable startup experience. Leslie Barry, who leads GetViable as the CEO, is a professional services and outsourcing consultant who previously founded and successfully exited multiple digital and tech startups. Co-Founder and COO Dougal Edwards is a digital product and user engagement consultant with more than 15 years of experience in digital product creation across several co-founded ventures.

“We want to scale entrepreneurship and make it accessible across the globe,” said Leslie Barry, Co-Founder and CEO of GetViable. “Currently, the only way to access the resources to bring a new idea to market is to have connections with mentors and investors through incubators and accelerators. This is effectively out of reach for 99% of people who have an early-stage idea.“

“The steps to a successful startup isn’t rocket science, but can be overwhelming if you don’t live in startup land,” adds Dougal Edwards. “Our goal is to inculcate an inclusive and collaborative community of like-minded entrepreneurs and forward-looking experts and investors who recognize the potential in engaging young startups from the beginning. “

With recent studies showing that tech startups are expected to be the growth engine of the U.S. economy in 2013, GetViable is confident that the social collaboration platform will make tech entrepreneurship more reachable, and accessible to anyone who has an idea.

GetViable has been supporting the innovation programs at Australia’s two leading universities- The University of Melbourne and RMIT University- since 2012. The public access version of the GetViable platform is in beta with weekly feature rollouts. Budding entrepreneurs are invited to register free-of-charge for a limited time at www.getviable.com.