eStore Review aim to lead the way in online shopping safety!

- April 22, 2013 2 MIN READ

If you are anything like me , you are probably sick of buying online with ‘next day shipping’ then waiting a week for an item to arrive. But one startup is aiming to change that with ‘eStoreReview’ a new website set up by two Melbourne based entrepreneurs with a passion for online shopping.

Ed Chan and Tony Wan were sick and tired of terrible online shopping experiences and decided to do something to help the millions of Australians looking online for their shopping. That something is eStoreReview – a site that rates thousands of retailers for their online shopping experience, giving consumers a comprehensive breakdown of who they can trust online.

“The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) says that 62% of adult internet users purchased a good or service online” Edward explained. “That’s a huge number of Australians making purchases, of which there will be both good and bad experiences. We’ve been on Amazon and other sites where you can review sellers and we thought ‘why can’t I see reviews for retailers who have their own online stores?’.

“The issues you have with a service like Amazon, where it is easy to put up fake reviews or on eBay where a negative shopping experience seems to result in more informative reviews than a positive one are something we’ve worked on with eStoreReview. We wanted to make sure that the reviews we got were worthwhile and useful to the reader” Ed says “so we’ve put together a rewards structure to make sure there’s an incentive for users to be honest about their experiences. Every review gets looked at by us to make sure it’s actually useful and that the reviewer has a valid order number – if it’s accepted then we give the reviewer credits that can then be cashed out to Paypal or vouchers. In some cases, we go through order ID’s with the retailers to make sure that when someone reads a review on eStoreReview that it’s 100% trustworthy!”

Ed and Tony are still at their day jobs and running the site in their spare time, however they have big plans, hoping to follow in the footsteps of other young Australian online entrepreneurs.

Ed says. “It took us about 7 months of late nights to get eStoreReview up and running, and it hasn’t been easy. Since our launch back in August 2012, we have had an influx of reviews and even had some store owners sign up to provide comments their customer’s experience. The great thing about eStoreReview is that a person can share their experience in the smallest towns in Australia, and still have their voice heard by all Australians and the world.”