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Don't Have a Mac Attack: 3 Excellent Payroll Programs for Mac Users

- April 21, 2013 3 MIN READ
Even if you only oversee one employee, chances are good that you have had your fair share of payroll experience, both good and bad. To your employee(s), the term “payroll” simply means one thing—a paycheck. However, for those who have prepare it every pay period, payroll encompasses all the financial records and information regarding employee benefits associated with each and every employee, a vital factor in the overall income of a business.

As if doing payroll yourself wasn’t already complicated, it is even more difficult for Mac users. It used to be that a decent payroll service only existed for PC users, with Mac advocates being left to fend for themselves. That’s not to say there wasn’t a service available, there just were not many options. Over the past few years though, more and more reputable payroll companies began debuting their own Mac software. A few of these programs that are giving payroll accountants a run for their money include:

Intuit Payroll Software

Most small business owners are quite familiar with Intuit, a highly-respected company offering everything from web services to tax preparation software. Somewhere in that diverse spectrum is a program dedicated solely to payroll. Yep, you heard right, Intuit now offers a good payroll program for Mac users.

Intuit offers a Basic and an Enhanced version of their payroll software. The Basic program allows users to enter their employee’s hours and generate paychecks based on that data. The paychecks can then either be printed off directly by you, or you can take advantage of the free direct deposit feature. The downside to the Basic version is that it does not include tax forms to help you pay your payroll taxes.

The Basic program, however, will generate the appropriate financial reports that can be used by your accountant to calculate your tax payments. Should you want the ease and convenience of the tax help, the Enhanced program is more for you. It is slightly more expensive than the Basic program, but it offers the same features with the added benefit that it will help you take care of any state and federal tax stipulations associated with your payroll.

Both the Basic and Enhanced versions work in conjunction with QuickBooks, but also work just as well without. Plus, should you find yourself away from your Mac, both programs also have the added feature of being accessible from your smartphone.

CheckMark Payroll Software

Perfect for the small business owners and accountants alike, CheckMark’s payroll software is an excellent software option for Mac users who do not want to outsource their payroll services. Whether you have as little as one employee, to a thousand, CheckMark has proven itself to be a real game-changer in the business-finance realm.

Mac users who opt to use CheckMark’s payroll service enjoy top-notch features including direct deposit and MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) encoding. Aside from convenience and security features, users can also benefit from the printable tax forms that come free with the software—state and federal. Therefore, not only can you calculate and print payroll checks, but you can keep the tax man off your back too.

Just like Intuit’s payroll software, CheckMark is compatible with most accounting platforms that are commonly found on Mac computers, including QuickBooks and MultiLedger (CheckMark’s accounting software).

Patriot PAY Payroll Software

The Patriot PAY software program has found no trouble building a positive reputation for itself. Along with PC and Linux users, Mac users are finding solace in Patriots software which allows users to manage their company’s payroll whenever and from wherever they want. Some of the key features that have Mac users talking include direct deposit, paycheck printing, and payroll reports.

Mac users can also purchase Patriot’s TaxBeGone software to help with filing taxes. In fact, when it comes to tax time, Patriot has you covered with helpful features such as electronic filing and payment of taxes, as well as access to state and federal tax forms. If that were not enough, the software will also help you calculate the taxes owed on a local, state, and federal level too.

One unique feature that sets Patriot’s payroll software apart from other programs can be found in its MY Patriot program, a self-serve program for employees that allows them to access payroll data. To sweeten the deal, the software is also supported by both the iPhone and Android mobile networks.

While the programs above are excellent for the Mac user, be warned that managing your business payroll needs solely on your own is a risky endeavor if you have little to no financial experience. Even though all three programs offer help and support, payroll mistakes are fairly easy to make and lead to some nasty repercussions with the government. On a brighter note, the three programs above also offer a free trial program for Mac users, so be sure to try it out before you buy it.