Collaborative Toolbox Project [tweet, like & share peeps!]

- April 12, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

This is a call out to all startups, small business and big business. Here at shoestring.com.au we have a mission – to create a library of the greatest QUALITY free resources for startups and small businesses.

When you think of all the information that you need to know when starting a business it can get pretty overwhelming, and what we want to do with our Tools of the Trade Library is have as much information on all aspects of business in the one place, to make it easy for people to excel at what they do in their new ventures!

We are looking to partner strategically with as many small businesses, companies and startups as possible to create world class resources for our library, our aim is to have at least 150 resources in there by the end of financial year, and double that for the last half of the year. Whether you specialise in Legal, SEO, Marketing, Sales, Capital Raising and the many other components that make up “business” – there is a space for you in the library.

The way the library will work is that everyone who downloads your resource, which MUST be an educational item that people can learn from and implement into their business – NOT a sales brochure etc. You will be sent there details to contact them via email to tell them more about what you do and how you can help them. All people agree to this as downloading from the Tools of the Trade library.

If you are interested in this opportunity. Please email admin@shoestring.com.au to discuss.