Bluechilli Partners with Lean Startup Machine

- April 8, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Sydney Venture Technology firm BlueChilli is proud to announce its partnership with Lean Startup Machine (LSM) Sydney, which commences its workshop on Friday, 19 April, through Sunday, 21 April 2013.

Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is an intensive three-day workshop where entrepreneurs and innovators use Lean Startup principles to validate ideas for new products or services.

Throughout the weekend, participants will be put through a very intensive process that will push entrepreneurs to new limits and will surely shatter some perspectives on what is capable. Participants will be coached by local VC’s, investors, successful entrepreneurs, and the Lean Startup Machine team on how to apply the methodology.

“The weekend on the whole was invaluable to me personally and to the business idea itself.” said LSM alumnus James Nathan. Since LSM, Nathan was accepted into the World’s Largest Startup Accelerator; The Founder Institute, and later received his first investment from BlueChilli for his start-up Food Orbit a service enabling leading restaurateurs to connect and trade with local farmers, promoting a transparent food marketplace.

BlueChilli is sponsoring the prize of two BlueChilli start-up advisory mentoring workshops to the teams that have emerged as the top two winners of the workshop.

Commenting on the partnership, Elisa Chan, Marketing Manager at BlueChilli said, “BlueChilli is proud to be a part of LSM Sydney and with our company goal of building 100 start-ups by 2016, I believe this is a great opportunity for LSM winners to leverage the expertise of our start-up advisers”

The Sydney Lean Startup Machine workshop is limited to the first 50 people who register in order to maintain an intimate learning environment. Visit the LSM website to register now and don’t miss out!