Australia’s first Biohackathon was held over the weekend!

- April 22, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Over the weekend 44 people making up 11 teams competed in Australia’s first ever BioHackathon held and hosted at ATP Innovations in Sydney. The teams: Biohackers, SurgION, TeamPINK, Biofilm Sites Identification (BSI), Potemkin, Future Film, Bayesian Biotechnologists, MacGyver, Olfacta, Kalliroe and Film Stars – all  teams were made up of engineers, designers, futurists, dentists, artists, microbiologists etc. and worked side by side in the ATP innovation labs, to generate a simple solution to a complex biotechnology problem. Many teams using every day materials, a bit like real-life MacGyvers.

The day was an eight hour competition aiming at producing novel approaches and solutions to a long standing real biology problem of great importance to the community. Never before in Australia has a problem previously exclusive to a selected few scientists been opened up to a wider audience.

The chosen problem to hack was:  “detection of bacteria forming biofilm leading to infection and death in the hospital environment”

Full Report Tomorrow!