Who Remember’s Number 2?

- March 1, 2013 2 MIN READ

Do you remember number 2?

  • Who was the second man climb Everest?
  • Who was the second Prime Minister of Australia?
  • Who lost the NRL last year?

Being number 2 means you will be forgotten
Unfortunately in life, we only remember the winners. Number 2 is the first of the losers. The losers are slowly forgotten. People only remember number 1:

  • Who was the 1st man on the moon?
  • Who is the fastest man to run 100m?
  • Who is the biggest search engine?

I hate being number 2

My business partner Frank hates being number 2. He doesn’t appreciate being number 2. He does number 1 or leaves. Right now, we are number 2 in the comparison market. It irks him. It drives us forward everyday. He is an inspiration to everyone at Finder.com.au.

Start being number 1 – If you want to be number 1, shut up, stop complaining and start doing what it takes to be number 1. Whatever your competitors are doing, you need to do as much and more. Step up.

1      Focus – Laser in on what isn’t working and either fix, improve or remove it. Set yourself a target: what is the actual figure that you need to achieve it? Write it down. Share it. Now figure out how to get it. Stop doing urgent things, when really you need to do the important things. Delegate urgent but unimportant tasks.

2      Team – Have you got the right people on the bus? Are they sitting in the right seats? Be critical and ruthless in your assessment.

3      Take action – It’s not necessarily about what you do each day, but more that you do something every day. Finish something and put it live, every single day. After 365 days you will have taken 365 actions towards your goal. Encourage your crew to do the same.

Today you are number 2, visualise being number 1.

  • What does it look like?
  • Write down what you see?
  • What colours?
  • What images?

Create a vision board of this and put it above your computer screen and actively go and get that every single day.