Usability Fix Sydney [event]

- March 26, 2013 2 MIN READ

Host: WeCo (Sydney’s sexiest coworking space) Located in Edgecliff, 6 minutes from Town Hall via train.

Tuesday April 9, from 6:00pm – 8:30pm. Concludes with Pizza & Beers.

Cost: Free!

Usability Fix is Sydney’s first usability testing event for start-ups. It’s based on the idea that start-ups hate doing usability testing with their target market, as it’s costly, time consuming, and we often think there’s better ways of getting feedback – i.e. online tools. Unfortunately, nothing beats face to face feedback from unbiased people.

The purpose of this event is to give startups an opportunity to get feedback on how user friendly their product is – in a relaxed free event. It also give volunteer testers a chance to play around with new apps, platforms, websites or even just a landing page.

Start-ups who have pre-registered through invite only (if you’re interested in next months event, please register above for next months event) We’re happy to announce 10 start-ups confirmed for the event!


  • 6:00 – start-ups setup testing area (please be on time)
  • 6:20 – volunteer testers arrive (please be on time)
  • 6:30 – testing begins: round robin
  • 7:30 – pizza arrives
  • 8:30 – end of event / networking till close
Volunteers are able to register on here. The registration will be capped at 40 volunteers. As an introduction to usability testing, you will be asked to perform simple tasks first, and then any more complex tasks later. Each testing interaction will be limited to 10 minutes, after which the volunteer must move on to the next startup to test. As a reward for your time, you may also recieve a gift from the startups, if you don’t then there’s always Pizza & Beers to keep the spirits up!

Sponsor: Elance, supporting freelance & startup industries around the world. They’re providing Pizza & Beers for the event.

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