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TXT4Coffee provide Wotif with the latest in 'hyper-local' advertising

- March 8, 2013 2 MIN READ

The app that eliminates the wait time for coffee during the morning rush now provides businesses with a fantastic opportunity to promote their business.

TXT4Coffee is a complete ordering and payment system for the takeaway coffee market which allows customers to “jump the queue” for their morning coffee. Created by the innovative app development company, Hungry Apps, TXT4Coffee enables customer to order and purchase their morning buzz through their iPhone, iPod, iPad and android devices as well as through SMS or the TXT4Coffee online portal.

Through the use of relevant and targeted advertising, Hungry Apps has seen engagement soar, with click-through rates of 31.8% as compared to current market heavyweights Google (2.36%), facebook (0.09%) and Yahoo/Bing (1.61%)

CEO and Co-Founder of Hungry Apps, Daniel Filmer says “We have termed our platform as providing “relevant advertising” by allowing advertisers to create a campaign to reach customers in a specific geographic location with very specific demographic criteria. As an example, a florist could advertise to customers waiting in line at the coffee shop two doors down, rather than to the entire city where most customers will never act on the ad they receive”.

Leading online travel site, Wotif.com is trialing TXT4Coffee’s unique advertising solutions and will be one of the first companies to use what is the most advanced hyper-geo targeted mobile advertising platform developed to date. The ads themselves are targeted and personalized to increase the relevance and context to the viewer, leading to better rates of engagement. The ads are designed to engage the end user through the integration of their own name in the ad making for a more personal experience.

TXT4Coffee is a free app, available from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod users. For all other devices, an account can be set up through the TXT4Coffee online portal for use online or through SMS. TXT4Coffee is currently used by a number of coffee shops across Australia, with new shops added regularly as the technology is discovered.

For more information, or to create an account, visit the TXT4Coffee website at www.txt4coffee.com.au

Hungry Apps have developed complete, easy to use mobile ordering and payment systems which can be used through any SMS capable phone, Apple device using the App or online through the different web pages. Current Hungry Apps applications include TXT4Coffee, Hungry4 and Txt4Subway.