Startups can now have their own Employee Benefit scheme

- March 11, 2013 2 MIN READ

BonusTree.co is building a platform of benefits catering exclusively to Australian small-businesses

Small businesses in Australia will now have access to the same employee benefits that large corporations provide to their employees thanks to entrepreneur Luke Ryan’s new venture.

This week Sydney-based startup BonusTree.co launched with a vision that the growing independent workers in Australia, including small or micro-businesses and their employees, will have access to a platform of relevant business and lifestyle perks. Access to the BonusTree collection of 100’s of perks will enable members to discover the tools and technology to grow their business as well as health, travel and lifestyle benefits.

Although the platform is currently in Beta there are already close to 100 benefits available to start redeeming for BonusTree members. The first wave of benefits include a large collection of business services such as 99designs, Optimizely and BugHerd. The lifestyle benefits of BonusTree are also beginning to take shape with incentives from brands such as Quickflix, GoGet and Naked Wines.

“With the amount of independent workers such as freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs predicted to become a majority of employees by 2020 we are building BonusTree to serve this growing community. We will achieve this by providing them with the incentives to discover exclusive offers from business and lifestyle brands that will benefit both the business owners and their employees” said Ryan.

The discovery of one well established Employee Benefits Programs charging a minimum $15,000 per annum to participate is what led Ryan to embark on the creation of BonusTree. BonusTree is currently offering an introductory membership fee for business owners of $149 and an optional monthly access subscription for their employees. In comparison to the thousands of dollars worth of value found on the platform the membership fees are minimal. “Affordability for small businesses and bootstrapping entrepreneurs is a core value of BonusTree. We create thousands of dollars worth of value on the platform which then allows members to recoup their membership fees by using only a handful of incentives” Ryan added.

After members have signed up to BonusTree they are able to log into a closed member area where they can browse and redeem the benefits on the platform. Ryan plans on introducing member-only networking events to the BonusTree community later in the year. Whilst the service is primarily focussed on providing exclusive benefits and cost savings, BonusTree’s vision also includes connecting the micro-business community within Australia by adding networking, knowledge sharing and mentoring opportunities.

You can read more about BonusTree and apply for membership on the website at http://bonustree.co