Startup: Gentlemen's Supply

- March 4, 2013 2 MIN READ

Curated shopping has arrived in Australia -and this startup is strictly for Gentlemen! The Gentlemen’s Supply Co is tech based full service online clothing source for men. Users are able to sign up by answering a questions about their style. They are then assigned a personal stylist who liaises with them however the user wants.

The user can indicate how much they would like to spend and what they would like in their crate.

The stylist will send a crate carefully selected from a wide array of brands (think of the amount of product in a department store, and then add a couple more to the mix) to suit the customer exactly (size, style, occasion, etc. are all considered).

Postage is free both ways. The customer who received the goods is able to try everything on in the comfort of their own home/office – whatever they like they keep and pay for, whatever they don’t – send back, free of charge.

There is no commitment or pressure.

“Our system is cognitive and learns about each customer, which then is able to suggest product for customers. We have just launched after a full year of website and back end production – to very positive customer response. The introduction of such a system and service in Australia (with supply of the brands that we have – including Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Valentino, Gant, etc.), coupled with the outstanding location of our offices – Corner Martin Place and Pitt St, Sydney, makes us no average player in the game” says  Marketing lead on the team Jarome Bowman.

We are predicting that this curated style of fashion online is going to become very big over the next three months, Shoe String are already aware of 7 startups working on similar concepts, most though are a subscription based model. What we like about this one from a business perspective is the fact that customers are encouraged to over order to try things on, meaning you may actually get people keeping a lot more than they would if they were buying outright at a store. There is a risk side to this though, you may get the odd sneaky customer that does the “wear it then return it” thing.