Pollenizer helps launch LawPath, Subscription Legal Services

- March 6, 2013 3 MIN READ

Leading Internet incubator, Pollenizer, is set to disrupt the $20 Billion pa legal market with its new online legal platform, LawPath. Small and medium technology businesses in Australian are eagerly taking up the subscription, accounting for more than 50% of new signups.

LawPath.com.au brings small/medium businesses together with lawyers in a low cost subscription environment. Co-Founder & CEO and successful Internet entrepreneur, Paul Lupson says “LawPath solves the two key problems for business when considering using a lawyer – One: Which lawyer should I use, and Two: How do I stop it costing me a fortune?”

1. Which lawyer should I use? SMBs usually don’t know which lawyers have expertise to help in relation to particular problems. SMBs ask their friends and get an introduction to a lawyer, but that lawyer may not have the right skills to answer the question. The problem is compounded by lawyers who say they are experts at everything, but they are not. We connect SMBs with lawyers who have recent, relevant experience with the issue raised by the SMB.

2. How do I stop it costing a fortune? Many people are afraid to even call a lawyer as they don’t know how much it is going to cost – or when the lawyer will start to charge the fees. Our subscription model solves this issue and gives the SMBs absolute certainty about legal fees. From just $49 clients receive up to 90 minutes of legal assistance per month.

How does it work?

For $49/month LawPath’s AusHelp Plan connects our SMB Members with private practice lawyers for 90 minutes of legal assistance each month. Our Members ask whatever questions they may have about Australian law and we connect them with a private practice lawyer who is expert in that area to help answer their question. No more just relying on the same lawyer to advise across a multitude of legal issues – we give our SMB Members access to genuine expertise.

Plus as a direct result of the demand from the Australian technology community, we have launched a new GlobalHelp Plan where, for $99/month, we connect our SMB Members with lawyers anywhere in the world to answer their questions. The Member gets up to 90 minutes/month with lawyers in the US, Canada, Singapore…wherever. Once again, we connect our Members with experts in the areas of law they have questions about.

The GlobalHelp Plan is a world-first – no other company offers global legal coverage on a subscription basis. It also lays a platform for LawPath to be a global legal referral site – used not only by Australians but also by businesses in any country in the world looking for connection to lawyers in other countries.

As an additional benefit to our AusHelp and GlobalHelp Members, if they have legal issues which cannot be answered in the 90 minutes allocated, they can engage directly with the LawPath Preferred Lawyer for a guaranteed 10-20% off that lawyer’s fee rates.

“Our Members can ask any questions they want about legal issues. We have found the questions our SMB Members have range greatly. Everything from needing assistance from a specialist franchising lawyer to my web designer has not delivered the website I wanted.

Legal information on the site

Members get access to high quality legal information and template documents on the site. This helps them to better understand their issues and perhaps to do some of their own legal work..

For example, all businesses in Australia need to review their Privacy Policies now in time for the new Privacy Laws coming into effect early next year. The Privacy Commissioner has the right to levy big new fines, so compliance will be important. See our  2013 Privacy Policy Update for LawPath’s free Privacy Policy Template. This is the only free 2013 Privacy Policy on the web.

Online legal services are big news in the US

Online legal sites have been the subject of considerable deal activity in the US  in the last 12 months, including:

– Google Ventures and others invest $58 Million into RocketLawyer
– Legalzoom files for a $120 Million IPO
– RocketLawyer buys hot Silicon Valley legal startup, LawPivot

Paul Lupson says “The Australian legal market has revenues in excess of $20 Billion a year.  It’s a highly fragmented market. That $20 Billion goes to over 18,000 law firms. Of those 18,000 firms, 12,000 have between 1 and 5 partners. We are focussed on helping these small and medium-sized law firms find additional clients. ”We already have over 20 law firms signed up with us (giving us access to more lawyers than most law firms, except the very largest). We have had 100% success rate with every law firm we have spoken to about joining the LawPath platform – and we are growing our law firm members significantly both in Australia and overseas.

Lupson says “We have over 50% of our membership from the tech sector. It stands to reason that technology companies are first movers on our service. They are used to getting everything for their business online – why not get legal online is the question they are asking. It is that question that we are answering – and at a price that makes it hard to say no.