Pedestrian.tv Startup Pitch Elevator Session

- March 15, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Pedestrian’s running an Elevator Pitch-off this coming Wednesday the 20th of March at Sydney Uni @ 3pm for young Start-ups.

They’re inviting new and developing Start-ups to the stage to present their products for the event audience (around 50 to 75 attendees) as well as our cameras which will be filming the session and replaying it back to our wider Pedestrian audience of thousands via the site.

They’re picking the top 6 submissions to take part in the live session, with each of the 6 chosen start-ups getting 5mins to give  their elevator pitch and answer a few questions on their product/business.

The best of the 6 presentations will receive $1000 and promo across the Pedestrian.tv website.

They also have Finn Age-Haensel Co founder of  The Iconic judging and opening the session with a Q&A on how they developed The Iconic’s Elevator Pitch and used it to get the business off the ground and continue to raise capital.

They would love you to either:

  1. Attend the session simply RSVP (half-way down the page) at www.pedestrian.tv/future-sessions (anyone is able to come along and it’s free so pass it on)
  2. Consider submitting your start up to the elevator pitch stage (or passing on to other relevant start-ups you may know who are looking for promo opportunities) simply email Louisa@Pedestrian who is CC’d with more details of your start-up and she’ll be in touch