Hack to the Future: Mindset or Skillset?

- March 28, 2013 2 MIN READ

Everyone’s talking about Growth Hacking. 2013 looks set to be the year that the term will enter the common language of start-ups, Innovation teams and the general technocrati. Silicon Valley is bursting with growth hacking stories and Craigslist is overflowing with job adverts for this new discipline.

Some of the most successful startups of all time have used growth hacking techniques to grow products up to millions, 10s of millions, and in some cases 100M+ users, including Facebook, Dropbox, Zynga, Twitter, Pinterest and Quora.

But who are Growth Hackers, where do they hail from and who’s actually using them?

We’ve put together a panel of some of the leading Australian businesses who have already adopted this new (or not so new) practice for an interactive discussion. We will cover what it means to them, real life examples of how they are integrating the process into their businesses and what skills are needed to be part of this movement.


–          Willix Halim, VP of Growth at Freelancer.com

–          Shaun Clowes, Growth Team Lead at Atlassian

–          Kain Tietzel, Co-founder and Creative & Marketing Director at PhotoMerchant

Facilitated by Phaedon Stough, Co-founder of MitchelLake and Innovation Bay

Whether you’re a founder looking to grow, a Product Managerengineer or digital marketerlooking for a new approach, or an investor looking to meet expanding startups – Join us for what promises to be a lively debate, Q&A session and networking event. Drinks, canapes and pizza will be provided.




Willix Halim is the Vice President of Growth at Freelancer.com and is responsible for leading the teams overseeing the company core growth components, data analytics, online marketing strategy, SEO optimization, customer experience/support strategy and fraud prevention systems.

Shaun Clowes currently heads up the Growth Team at Atlassian, focusing on growing and optimizing Product engagement. Shaun has a background in Product Management, Presales Management, and  Software Engineering.

Kain Tietzel is the Co-founder and Design & Marketing Director of PhotoMerchant.net. With over 16 years as an experienced digital marketing specialist, designer, videographer and producer he has been pivotal in the success of many startups. He also runs seminars and practical workshops at General Assembly.



Phaedon Stough is the Co-Founder of the Mitchellake Group. He has over 15 years of tech-centric international executive search experience across a range of clients from global enterprise to seed funded startups. He’s also the co-founder of Innovation Bay, has sat on numerous boards and currently resides in San Francisco. His current focus is helping Australian tech companies establish themselves in North America and working with leading US tech companies expanding into APAC.

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