Clicks & Impressions, My war on B2B Advertising.

- March 18, 2013 3 MIN READ

I got into this game thinking this:

We write great content + We attract solid readership = We have lots of people wanting to advertise with us = $$$$

What I wasn’t expecting was this scenario:

We write the content + We attract the visitors + We need to be represented by a media agency = My media agency talks to another media agency who are negotiating for their client + They talk to their client + All that communication then comes back down the line, which is at the end of the day is really meaning nothing because the deal is done in the middle somewhere and the dollars have to travel down that same pipeline.

Media Agencies sell and buy on behalf of their clients, and when it comes to “making a deal” and paying publishers revenue, I am not going to deny that it doesn’t happen and that in a lot of cases it is not lucrative to the publishers. It is. But as a publisher that has a publication which focuses on startups and small business, I see a big problem in the industry – I have been told “that’s how it works” and that may be so, but I feel that the advertising world online in a lot of cases full of lazy people that do not seek to look outside the box and deliver a one dimensional product taking no responsibility in actually helping grow their clients business.

So I am putting junk on the block and going to prove that advertising is not and should not be a branding exercise. Especially for small to medium sized businesses who don’t have the luxury of risking money just for exposure, a low conversion rate and thousands of impressions.

Advertising should be about getting measurable results, meaning leads for sales, growing your database of potential customers and being able to measure and break down your financial results from the marketing activity you are carrying out in your business. And that is why we are moving to a system here in our business entirely based around lead generation based advertising.

This is going to mean a lot more work, work that is not “traditionally” done within the advertising industry, because we will be using a mix of ads, cold calling and research to deliver the results our clients are after. This means that clients will be getting qualified leads for their business off people that are expecting them to approach them to market and sell their services to. Is it going to be for every business? No. But for that market of Small to Medium operators [the space that we really love and the reason behind why we do what we do] this solves a huge problem for them, and that is the reason why we started this whole thing in the first place.

Companies will still engage in click and impression based advertising, for those that have great marketing skills behind them, they know how to use this to generate leads and secure customers, what we are aiming to do is cut out the middle guys and work directly  with businesses to achieve their sales goals without the noise that occurs in between.

As the media marketplace grows bigger [and it is everyday] media startups and niche media are going to need to become more creative and way more involved in the advertising aspect of their mediums, it is all good and well to win a campaign the first time, but it’s always going to be the results aka the dollars that campaign drove into their bank account which will keep them coming back for future campaigns.

It’s Hustle time Shoe String team, at dawn … we ride.