How we made 7K on facebook in 3 hours!

- March 11, 2013 2 MIN READ

Spend hours of your precious time on facebook for business, but as yet you are not seeing any return on investment? Below I share the steps we took to make 7k on facebook in 3 hours. But first here is some background.  I own Sterling & Hyde, a women’s fashion accessory brand specialising in our own range of Italian leather handbags, costume jewellery and shoes, all colours of the rainbow.

We have a physical boutique in Sorrento, Victoria, an online store www.sterlingandhyde.com.au and a wholesale and custom division. We have approx 2900 fans of our facebook business page which has taken around 2 years to build.  We have never bought fans and have worked hard to ensure our page provides interesting content and is a fun place for our customers to interact.  We have focussed on quality not quantity.

Facebook is one of the highest sources of referring traffic to our website. Late last year I decided to run a road tester campaign on facebook.

The purpose of this campaign was to:

1)      Gain new customers

2)      Gain new facebook fans

3)      Gain content for future blog posts

4)      To get real life reviews of our range of handbags (social proof to bolster our online offering)

5)      Do something new

6)      Get valuable customer feedback about our products

7)      Get people talking about Sterling & Hyde

Our offer was very simple: Road test a selected Sterling & Hyde handbag for 50% off. Customers were allowed to choose which handbag they would review from a selected list. They were also expected to fill out a road testing questionnaire and provide feedback about their handbag based on certain criteria.  They also had to provide a few photos of themselves and their new Sterling & Hyde handbag. Within 3 hours we sold 50 handbags and made over 7000 in revenue.

Our campaign on facebook went viral.  We had more offers to road test than we had handbags, resulting in us putting customers on a wait list.  We also now had 37 new customers, content for 50 separate blog posts, real life reviews with real life customers (with photographic proof these reviews were legitimate).  And finally we had valuable data about our customers, lives and what they thought of our products.

Why this worked:

1)      Our fan base already knew us and loved our products

2)      They felt special and involved by being able to review one of our products

3)      It was exciting, we even had one customer who wanted us to send her a “mystery” handbag to review, and she did not care which one!

4)      It was innovative

5)      We respected our customers time and rewarded them for their effort

6)      We offered them something they wanted So what road testing campaign can you introduce for your business?