Who is who in the Sydney Startup Scene?

- February 13, 2013 1 MIN READ

A new website has been launched this week, billed as a ‘LinkedIn’ for the tech startup scene.

The Startup Community aims to be a directory of the who’s who of the Sydney tech startup ecosystem and a new way for them to connect.

As new startups and startup servicing businesses pop up across the city, this new website, built by Peter Argent of Sydney Dev Camp, plans to make it easy for people building their tech startup to find others who can help them grow and succeed.

“As a new member of the startup community myself, I thought it would be great to have a fun website where I can start to make a profile for myself and enable others to have the same opportunity,” says Mr Argent.

“I also see it as solving a problem for new tech companies, helping them to find an accountant or legal firm that specialises in startups.”

One of The Startup Community site’s main features is a map that plots the listed startup businesses, providing a great visualisation of the many epicenters of innovation across Sydney.

The site was built using Ruby on Rails, a programming language and framework that Mr Argent teaches aspiring web developers and entrepreneurs at the Sydney Dev Camp. Mr Argent created The Startup Community as a weekend project after seeing similar sites for some US cities.

“The fact that I built this in a weekend shows the speed in which you can produce a working web application with Ruby on Rails,” Mr Argent says. “Even if you have no experience with programming, you can learn to build great websites and build a startup company very quickly.”

Ruby on Rails also powers sites such as Twitter and Groupon and has a huge community of developers that provide support for beginners.