Sydney Uni Students launch photo platform Muro

- February 14, 2013 2 MIN READ

James Cooper-Stanbury (Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology – University of Sydney), Nicholas Cooke (Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology Adv. – University of Sydney) and Sam Turner (Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology – University of Sydney). Have all just completed the first year of their degree. They have also just launched their first business –Muro, a photography platform for events.

Muro aims to solve the problem of photo fragmentation at events. When you host an event, you want to get all the photos that everyone has taken. With this in mind, Muro has 3 main features, all of which we currently provide free of charge. The  iPhone app, allows you to “check in” to a near by event, see all of the photos there, contribute, and also see what your friends are doing (with Facebook integration). The live interactive slideshow, typically displayed on a large TV or projector is an optional extra, but one which drives much more engagement, and spices up any event by displaying photos the instant they are taken. Then after the event is over, the host can log in to our website and share an album of photos, either as a link to our site, an album on Facebook, or a .zip file download.

The guys have been part of the INCUBATE program which has been running throughout the summer at Sydney University, it is the first on campus incubator program of it’s kind in the city, and has been very successful – bringing back successful alumni who have also gone on to build great businesses and be very successful entrepreneurs.

The team have already had a few successes where they have been able to see the app in action. The “Sydney Dave” event was one of them, where all photos taken by attendees were broadcast on giant tv’s around the place, this weekend they will be doing a demo at a King’s Cross nightclub with party goers – another very clever way to get business involved and help them save costs on hiring expensive photographers for the night!

“Muro makes is really easy to connect with those who are at the same events at you. You can see all of the photos that everyone at the event has taken on your phone as well as the interactive slideshow. Since Muro is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, if you were in a photo with someone and you want to connect with them after the event, just tap on their name in the app and it will take you directly to their profile” says the team.

“As well as connecting people on social media, Muro is also a great conversation starter to get people interacting with one another at your event! Perhaps you could run a Muro-powered ‘Selfie Booth’ or have different check points around the event where people have to take photos—the possibilities are endless”

When you really sit down and think about what they are doing, it’s more than building a social platform or another instagram, the possibilities are far greater, imagine being able to have copies of ALL the photos someone takes at your wedding for example. I am keen to see what they have planned for the business at demo day.