Sydney Uni students bring Livestock Trading into the 21st Century

- February 21, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

There has been quite a bit of buzz recently around the Sydney University INCUBATE program and so there should be, as we cover each of the startups in more detail, you will see why this program is more than just a little extra curricular fun, it is an important program that merges the world’s of traditional tertiary education and entrepreneurship.

Alexander Stamp, Mike Titchen and Luke Fries are the team behind CloudHerd, a startup that aims to save farmers time and money when selling their livestock by offering farmers and livestock managers a unified inventorying and auctioning experience.

Alex who has taken on the role of CEO is an electrical engineer whose parents live on a rural property and have livestock, and is aware of the time and efficiency issues that farmers face first hand around using multiple systems and non cloud based technology.

“Put simply it will take livestock trading and information into the 21st century. We will be specifically targeting mobile technologies such as smart phones to allow 24 hour auctions, increasing price pressure , and integrated RFID scanning to ease the friction of inventorying. With the addition of a payment management system, or ‘escrow’, buyers money will be fully protected at all times” says Stamp.

The marketing that the fellas are playing in is a $1.4 trillion dollar global market and they are currently in BETA with 50 passionate testers, and signs are very positive.