How to Smash your Business Goals

- February 6, 2013 3 MIN READ

 From building his first startup Coastline Communications at the age of 24 and selling it 10 years later to retire before 40, Rowdy is one of no fluff guys in the world of business and motivation. Today he talks about Smashing Goals in 2013.

Finding business tough? Struggling to get ahead? Want to achieve more but don’t know how? Does this year feel like a repeat of the past? Suffering from great ideas and poor execution?

Playing a bigger game in business is easier than you think. There are some clear principles for getting ahead. When you put these to work you can’t help but grow.


The first thing you need to do is recognise that it’s easy to get stuck in old habits. Real success lies in being proactive not reactive.

To do this you need to take stock of where you really are (no fluff or nonsense, just a good solid reality check) and then decide exactly where you want to be. Once you have decided on your strategy, make sure you communicate it with your entire team. We all focus much better and are far more productive when we know exactly want we want to achieve. Try to keep the focus to one main strategy, such as improve customers’ satisfaction, increase sales by X%, improve employee morale.


Be clear on what you want. What you want is one thing, but being crystal clear on why we want it is what really pushes us to achieving it. Get really clear on why it’s important, why it’s a must do and there is every chance it will happen. Again share this with your entire team. If we understand the why, the reasons behind the strategy and focus we can make educated decisions about our behaviours. It allows us to get into the game that the organisation is playing, so we are more engaged and that will always lead to better outcomes.


Execution is the next key. I’ve lost count of the businesses I know that have spent time and money creating a plan and then fail to do anything with it.

I recommend 90 day rolling plans. 90 days gives you time to get results yet it’s not too far into the future that it gets lost in everything else you do. Choose one strategy to focus on and then make absolutely sure it happens.

Put a line in the sand in the future. Create the plan. Set some milestones and deadlines that you can measure yourself against and then get stuck into it. Fight like crazy to make the plan a reality and don’t let excuses derail it. Otherwise this year will end up feeling just like the last and the one before that.


Make sure you have a strategy for the obstacles that show up. Racing blindly into the future is risky, having a good idea of what might go wrong allows you to adjust quickly and get back on track.

Brainstorm the things that you are like to rub up against and come up with an idea of how you will deal with it, if and when it shows up. This allows you to adapt and adapt fast so that your strategy does not stall or falter.


Most people give up when success is just around the corner. Ultimately you have to back yourself and you have to keep going when others give up. That’s the difference between an ordinary business and an extraordinary business. The extraordinary business never gives up. They may reassess and adjust but they continue to move forward. They have plans and goals and they will not let anything deter them from making those goals and plans.

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