Facebook as a lead generation tool? Here's a lesson that proves the opposite of what you were thinking

- February 1, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Earlier this week, our friends at Anthill Magazine ran a webinar on the “not-so-secret art of growth hacking”.

Anthill’s founder James Tuckerman shared some surprisingly revealing data about conversion rates, how to generate leads and build an engaged customer base.

The webinar is not for free. If you want to watch the whole thing you have to pay for access.

But I was able to use our growing influence and largess at Shoestring (I promised to buy James a coffee) and convinced him to provide our readers with a five minute glimpse into what I found to be one of the most remarkable findings shared in the webinar. As far as I’m aware, you can’t find this lesson elsewhere. So, I’m labelling it an exclusive.

In this brief and choppy clip (edited to exclude a technical mishap), James shares how he used a Like-gate on Facebook with surprising outcomes.

Game-layer principles for lead generation on Facebook. (Could you get more buzz words in a a sentence?)