Disrupting the Lawyers

- February 15, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Democratising Australian businesses and individuals’ access to legal documents and know-how is the end goal of new Australian start-up LegalVision.

The LegalVision website allows customers to create totally customised legal documents in a matter of minutes by completing an online questionnaire. LegalVision’s software then automatically produces the required document.

Lachlan McKnight, LegalVision’s CEO, came up with the idea of a totally web-based legal business whilst working as a corporate lawyer and investment banker.

“Getting access to top quality legal advice is extremely expensive – I saw this all the time when working in corporate law. Small and medium-sized businesses just can’t afford top quality legal services. We are aiming to change this by providing access to reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use legal services,” states McKnight.

“LegalVision’s database includes every legal document that a business is likely to need, such as general business agreements, employment law documents, trust deeds, loan agreements and many more,” notes CTO Evan Tait-Styles.

LegalVision offers documents on a pay-per-document basis or a monthly or annual subscription service. Customers can customise and download an unlimited number of documents for $34.95 a month or $299.95 a year

In the coming months LegalVision will be launching their “Find a Lawyer” service, linking customers with lawyers who can provide legal advice at a discounted rate. “We know there are times when working with a lawyer is the only sensible option,” notes McKnight “we will be providing our customers with access to lawyers who can work with or without our documents and provide substantially discounted services to our subscribers.”