Stalking is the new online shopping. Stalkthis.com

- January 14, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

A new startup from Canberra Stalkthis.com is planning to be the virtual price stalker you have been waiting for. I have to say that last night I really took the system for a test drive, and as a non-tech person, that judges a product purely on customer experience I have to say that I am very impressed with what is a very simple idea, but something that I feel actually has a sound market.

The basic concept is that when you are visiting a website, for say shoes, and you see a pair that you want to buy, but want to wait until they go on sale or the price drops over a certain period, you can use the unique “stalk” button in your search bar, to keep tabs on the product and alert you when the item is in the price range that you want to pay, or is showing a particular percentage discount that you are after.


The process is quite smooth and seamless, does not interrupt the online browsing factor for the user and in addition to it’s purpose of stalking, the site also acts as a great resource, listing “popular” stalker items and a complete list of all the stores that they watch, opening up your mind to hundreds of online stores that you never knew existed, kind of like a free directory.

It is not really clear at this point how the revenue is made by Stalkthis, however I would assume that the prime streams will flow direct from the “stalked” retailers on their site. It will be interesting to see how this one evolves throughout it’s beta period of which it is currently in.