Highlights of the Week [Must Reads]

- January 11, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Because media IS our business, we obviously spend any spare moments we have trawling the web looking at interesting articles, blogs, stories and opinions across the world’s startup landscape. On a Friday every second week we will be collating all of these into a post for you to scan through and read at your leisure. We have labelled the links with our description of why we think you should read them.

Why getting your story on Techcrunch is not always as Awesome as you may think. Boxee Story [Techcrunch]

Interesting results on a recent startup survey. Floq feature, [From Little Things]

The advantages and main ingredients of being a startup. Matt Ho, Personal Blog [inspired world’s]

How thinking like a child can help your business. Thought article. [Digital Ministry]

Keep an eye on Australia Post, some opportunities for strategic partnerships will show themselves. News. [ZDNET]

The 2013 agenda for Sydstart. Book tickets now. [Sydstart website]

Hanging Out underwater, Live on the internet – Google Business tools. Blog [GoogleBlogspot]

Who to meet in startup Asia 2013. News. [Entrepreneur.my]