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Grants and Incentives. How to cash in. [event]


Sameer Kassam
Founder, CharterNet Advisers

The Australian Government have a number of grants and incentives available to those in the tech/entrepreneurial space, some offering refunds of up to 45c for every dollar you have spent. Founders just need to know where to look, how to apply and how to position their startup to be eligible.This class will introduce entrepreneurs to the primary Australian Government grants and incentives through an overview of:

  • The new Research and Development Tax Incentive, including a definition of a “core” R&D activity and how “the story” is established.
  • The cash benefits available under the R&D Tax Incentive, including the availability of a refundable tax offset (i.e. being able to cash out your tax losses)
  • How your product or service is considered innovative, and how this impacts your eligibility for the above
  • The difference between software development and software R&D, and how this is crucial for the R&D Tax Incentive
  • The difference in conducting activities onshore and offshore, and how this may impact your eligibility
  • Commercialisation Australia, and the various grants available under this scheme, including Hire an Executive, Take to Market etc.
  • The admin involved (upfront and ongoing) in applying for these grants and incentives, and tools available and people who can help you with this



Sameer Kassam
CharterNet AdvisersSameer Kassam is a Founding Director at CharterNet Advisers, an advisory firm that specialises in assisting those in the tech/entrepreneurship space manage an effective “back of house” finance function, including ongoing accounting, taxation compliance, structuring advice, government grants etc. He has a number of clients in the tech space, ranging from greenfield startup to fully funded and commercialised. His broad experience is from the Big 4 accounting firms and he has a passion for the tech space, and truly believes that Australia is on the cusp of a tech boom!

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