Getting in front of your customer

- January 11, 2013 2 MIN READ

Online businesses are very attractive. The idea of lying on a day bed in Bali with your laptop open and just counting the money coming in sounds amazing. Unfortunately things don’t really pan out that way. As a general rule the more your business grows, the more time it will take up, so you better get real good at multi-tasking or hire well.

As Workshirty is releasing its new range, my thoughts (like many other online retailers) go to reaching more potential customers. We have had a good run with our first range and have succeeded in getting repeat business, but we want to spread our net further. We want to get in front of as many eyes as possible and as our business is still small, aim to grow our sales through new customer acquisition.

That’s the problem.

We are 100% online. No physical store front and no sidewalk to draw customers in from.

Sometimes we get stuck in the trap of thinking online is our only option. We look at growing our social numbers, reaching more people through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We get hooked on SEO and creating good content. Now these things are all well and good, but sometimes it helps to broaden your view. Step away from the computer and see your product by itself without the website.

When you have a solid product, you know that if potential customers can touch and feel it then you will have a good chance in making a sale. There would also be a good chance the customer will refer a friend or two.

So why not go offline?

Find where your target market is (physically) and go there! Yes, more work is involved and it may be tough to reach them but the only thing lost by you not making a sale is your time.

You sell protein shakes. Go to the gym and give out free trials.

You sell sun cream for toddlers. Get down to the beach.

You sell USB drives. Visit and work with every university you can.

It is a simple way to look at making sales but sometimes we get caught up in the online realm and we think our options are limited to only that. As Workshirty targets corporate males, this time round we will be focusing on reaching as many people as we can by going into their environment – making our way into offices and other areas around CBD’s to show the quality of our product.

If you provide goods or services online, how do you get in front of your customer?

Is it online only, or has offline promotion worked for you?