Women in Tech: Taskrunners

- December 13, 2012 2 MIN READ


One new service finding website, TaskRunners, is rethinking the way Australian’s discover and pay for quality services close to home. The online marketplace is designed to give busy people better access to skilled, helpful people in their local community.
TaskRunners.com.au is part of a growing movement in Australia called ‘collaborative consumption’ or the ‘Sharing Economy.’ It provides an easy-to-use online platform that allows members to post (“Task Posters”) up small jobs and everyday tasks that are then completed by capable and enthusiastic people in their community (“Task Runners”).

Head Task Master, Cheryl Leong was overwhelmed with work and looking for help with minor fix it jobs around the house. Wanting to find a way to connect and share tasks with her neighbours, she decided to start her own neighbour-to-neighbour service sharing website. What she had not realised at the time was that she was entering what is now known as ‘collaborative consumption’ or the ‘Sharing’ economy.

Cheryl worked in the financial services sector for 8 years and ran her own businesses before founding TaskRunners to better facilitate the collaborative consumption revolution that’s currently sweeping Australia and the world.

For busy individuals, families and small businesses, it’s the ideal way to free up extra time in their day to focus on other priorities.
For retirees, stay at home parents and freelancers, it’s a great way to find an alternative source of income using their skills, knowledge and spare time.

TaskRunners joins a growing trend of Australian ‘Sharing’ websites focused on disrupting out-dated modes of business and reinventing not just what we consume but how we consume (think: CarNextDoor car sharing, OpenShed tool sharing, MamaBake big batch cooking and PetHomeStay).

The site also allows members to barter or swap their own skills in exchange for a service to keep costs down– for example, offering professional bookkeeping services in exchange for gardening work.  This is also a great option for skilled yet cash-strapped retirees or the underemployed.

The site is designed to work organically, using technology to facilitate the way people naturally source help from family, friends and the community. Users are encouraged to put their hand up for help around the home or office, share day-to-day tasks or even just pitch in with others to get stuff done.

Finding the help you need is easy. TaskRunners users can simply log in to www.taskrunners.com.au, post the task they want completed and check back to see who’s best placed to do the work. Taskrunners have a bit of a road ahead of them to catch the traction of Airtasker already in the Sydney market, but we think this space is large enough for at least 4 players in Australia.