Why I NEVER say – I’ll buy that!

- December 4, 2012 2 MIN READ


Business to Business sales is a tricky game, firstly you basically work off an 11 month year, and secondly organisations are way more resistant to changes at way more levels than individuals are when it comes to anything – that includes  purchases of small petty cash products such as paper clips. This is because established businesses have formed habits, these habits once formed become a part of the everyday documented procedures in a business, and although sometimes not the most efficient way of doing things, are actually critical to a companies success, because they are predictable.

In the same way that a business forms a habit about change, you need to form habits from the very early stages about sales processes, because if your sales processes are not habitual, then you will never ever have a winning formula. Over the past few days I have been contacted over the phone by three different sales people, from startup and small companies who I presume were trying to sell me something – I am using the word “presuming” because none of them did the one critical thing that should be A HABIT when it comes to sales … ASK ME for the SALE.

I will never ever volunteer to buy something [especially a service] when it comes to business to business transactions. Even if I think the product will actually help me make more sales, which one of them would have by the way. Unless you actually ask for the sale you will hardly ever get anyone with a decent head on their shoulders desperate to buy your product.


Because the fact that you don’t ask for the sale, shows a vital flaw in your entire business, the main reason that startups fail is because they don’t make enough money [sales] to cover their costs [the stuff they do and who they pay to do it] – the difference between a sales call and a marketing call is that vital question at the end, not asking it gives that potential customer a way to find another option or ignore you completely.

A sales call without asking someone straight out whether or not they will buy your product or service, is a pointless time wasting exercise. So for the love of whatever it is you love, today make sure you ask for it. You will be surprised at the outcome!