USYD Reveal the INCUBATE Summer Class Teams!

- December 7, 2012 2 MIN READ


This week University of Sydney officially launched their new summer incubator INCUBATE where students will start tech businesses as well as receive sessions and mentorship from university alumni and successful entrepreneurs in the space.

INCUBATE is the University of Sydney Union’s inaugural business-focused program which is open to all students, researchers and recent alumni (2009 onwards) of the University of Sydney. The program will fund eight high potential startup projects with $5,000 business grants, co-working space over the summer break and mentoring from some of Australia’s most recognised entrepreneurs.

Over 150 students applied and 8 were chosen for the program. Let’s have a look at the successful teams:


To be the leading online childcare referral network.

Pitch: Connecting parents to a trusted network of babysitters online.

Founders: Georgia Kia (Business Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise Postgrad) Stephen Merity (B. IT Honours)


To be the global platform for making plans happen.

Pitch: A social planning tool for the web and phone that makes it easy for a group to agree on a time and place for an activity.

Founders: Whitney Komor (B. International Studies) Tate Johnson (B. Information Technology, Infomatics).

 VIC Bot

To revolutionise educational toys worldwide.

Pitch: Preparing children for tomorrow with a robotic kit that is controlled through easy to use visual interfaces.

Founders:  David Fitzpatrick (B. Commerce) Fernando Vega (M. Commerce)


To become the standard photography platform for all events around the world, from small parties to stadium concerts, we want everyone to be using Muro.

Pitch: Muro is a context-based photography platform that allows people at the same event to connect with each other through image sharing.

Founders:  Sam Turner (B. Computer Science and Technology) James Cooper-Stanbury (B. Computer Science and Technology) Nicholas Cooke (B. Computer Science and Technology)


To be the best visual search engine for fashion.

Pitch: A new visual search engine for shoes and fashion accessories. Find the perfect look, find the perfect fit.

Founders:  James Boyden (M. Computer Science) Tom Murtagh (B. Electrical Engineering)


To be the world’s leading supplier of wearable medical monitoring devices.

Pitch: A watch that can saves lives. An automatic panic button built into a watch to detect medical emergencies such as falls and heart attacks.

Founders:  John Haire (B. Electrical Engineering)  Nick Tong (B. Computer Science)  Emila Young (B. Design Computing)  Angela Mariani (B. Computer Science)  Vanush Vaswani (B. of Engineering and Science)  Jai Chopra (B. of Commerce)


The leading market research mobile platform which also raises money
for charity.

Pitch: A smartphone application that allows users to raise money for charity by completing market research surveys on the go.

Founders:  Martin Seneviratne (Medicine, B. of Biochemistry (University Medal))  Tom Senevirante (B. Mechatronic Engineering)


To be the world’s number one online livestock platform.

Pitch: An eBay for livestock with extra services, such as inventorying, based on leading Aussie standards.

Founders:  Alexander Stamp (B. Engineering) Luke Fries (B. Engineering) Mike Tichen (B. Economics)