The Online Trader

- December 4, 2012 < 1 MIN READ



Peter Castle is the founder of Easy Share Trading Systems, a unique coaching service that runs courses for everyday people that are looking at getting into the crazy world of trading. Castle had an interesting journey into the trading space, starting out life in the smash repair industry, working his way through the ranks of various businesses, until eventually he cofounded and sold his own smash repair company in 1999.

Whilst still in the business of cars, Castle began to dabble part time in the online trading space, until he decided that after selling he would become a full time investor – he has now been trading for 12 years. Castle spent years travelling around and trading, whilst buying homes, renovating them and flipping them for a couple of years, and then settled on Australia’s Central Coast.

He takes up residence now at the Buddhist Centre in Wamberal and is of the school of thought that your surroundings and actions in life actually have a profound affect on the way you approach trading.

His new startup Easy Share Trading Systems runs courses for people looking to get into the trading world, however it is slowly rippling through the industry and making headlines due to it’s unique pricing model. Castle runs the courses for groups of 15 at only $200 a head, beating the multi-thousand dollar courses he is competing against, even though he is probably ten times more experienced than most of them.

Castle aims to break down the traditional barriers those who want to get into trading faced when it came to paying huge costs for courses, giving back and helping others create a great way of life for themselves is quite obviously at the core of this man’s goals in life.