The Messaging Manager

- December 12, 2012 2 MIN READ


In every industry there are people that DO care about their clients and those that only care about the money they are getting from the clients and not protecting the brand of those clients. I have personally seen agencies deliberately not go above and beyond for their clients because of laziness and fail to add value when it is offered by publishers, likewise when it comes to a few people in PR I have personally received press releases and pitches that do not suit our publications readership and their clients target market.

When it came to starting his own agency Running Romeo PR, founder Timothy Nicholls decided from the outset that he would be very clear on the processes he would go through when pitching to clients and talking about their PR strategy. The first rule was all campaigns, exercises and publicity needed to be “on brand” in fact “is it on brand?” is fast becoming a well known catch phrase amongst his fast growing client base.

At only 8 months young, Running Romeo is representing some of the countries biggest lifestyle brands, from alcohol to festivals, clothing, personalities and a future focus on big sporting brands and events. Nicholls a 22 year old country fella from Tamworth, found it quite difficult in the beginning to gain his early stage clients due to his age, in fact this was actually given as feedback in a few tender processes that he went through with some huge agencies. Nonetheless like any passionate entrepreneur this just fuelled the fire further and Running Romeo is going from strength to strength with two full time staff already, and a move to an office in Sydney planned for 2013. [Tim has duel city-zen ship between Sydney and Canberra right now]

Nicholls is smart, his methods are old school in the sense that he is not after a quick buck, but looking to build a strong long lasting relationship with his customers, making time to understand their marketing goals, their company goals and then putting together a PR strategy that makes sense, get’s the RIGHT kind of attention and most importantly remains on brand.