The Froyo Connoisseurs

- December 11, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


When you think of the Lean Startup philosophy, you mind is not immediately drawn to thinking of a bricks and mortar store in the hospitality industry, but for founders of Mooberry [real froyo and smoothies] John and Janine Nguyen who have just opened up their first store in Newtown [Sydney] it was all about applying these philosophies outside the tech space.

Partners in life and business the Nguyen’s set out to put a different spin on the current Froyo craze that seems to be sweeping Australia’s east coast. The space is funky, fresh and left of centre – the two did most of the work themselves with friends and family and it looks awesome.

Strategic partnerships [something well practised in the tech startup space was the next thing on the list for the two to tackle. Forming partnerships with local foodie destinations such as Black Star pastry to produce unique and exclusive toppings to accompany the Froyo that they sell. The choclate mini macaroons are to die for! These guys will also be changing things up with the flavours having rotating limited edition offerings to keep things fresh.

If you look at Sydney based Gelato powerhouse Messina’s this has been their exact strategy and worked a treat for them. Watch this space people these two love their product, love the startup challenge and know all about how to pivot successfully if needed. I am going to say 9-15 months before we see a second store, they will well and truly have a grasp on the industry by then.