The Camp Leader

- December 7, 2012 2 MIN READ


Danilia Davidson has a private equity & VC background, in the past 8 years she has lived in 6 cities, 5 countries and 4 continents and on her journeys around the world has been lucky enough to meet some awesome people and to learn about the coolest technologies and the newest start ups

“I moved to Australia one year and a half ago from Tel Aviv, which recently got ranked second best city in the world for its startup ecosystem. In Tel Aviv startup founders live and breathe a unique lifestyle and attitude and I learnt a lot by working with young Israeli entrepreneurs. I speak four languages (and understand a few more), enjoy hiking, travelling, and jazz music”.

Her new project is Sydney Development Camp. An education startup that teaches people how to code using Ruby on Rails in a 10-week intensive training program. There is a real shortage of developers across the country and I am solving this problem by adopting a new approach to produce talent: offering a program, which teaches beginners how to code from the scratch and then connects them to potential employers.

The course: the first semester will start in Autumn 2013, class will run 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday for 10 weeks. The program is suitable for both beginners and experienced programmers. We are admitting about 20 students per semester. Applications are open and we are processing them on a rolling basis therefore we invite candidates to apply. We will focus on Ruby on Rails and will teach our students other required technology such as HTML5, CSS3, Git, Javascript, Testing, etc.

“Graduating world class junior developers: our goal is to have developers job-ready at the end of the program, which means that by the time our students graduate, they are able to contribute value to an engineering team at any start-up/ high tech enterprise or launch their own venture”.